Educational Consulting

Morris & McDaniel is an innovative organization which has a long history of working in the educational arena, including Educational Testing. Their vast experiences range from reorganizing entire state educational departments to numerous high-stake testing activities. Morris & McDaniel with 40+ years of experience, has many experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in a wide range of educational tests and assessments. The techniques and services that they provide improve student learning in all educational levels and subjects, and accurately assess student achievement.

Morris & McDaniel has a wealth of proven experience in:

  • Development of customized assessments for state educational departments in all levels of primary education and vocation

  • Supervision and scoring of high stakes assessments

  • Development of score reports for various educational assessments

  • Curriculum Development

  • Teacher Training Programs

  • High-stakes norm-referenced assessments

  • Criterion-referenced assessments

Morris & McDaniel has the capacity to develop and deliver the following educational services:

  • High stakes norm-referenced educational testing programs

  • Statewide criterion-referenced assessments

  • Educational Organizational Analysis

  • Curricular Development

  • Curriculum and Assessment Evaluation

  • Customized Assessments

  • Best practices in educational delivery

  • Training in data-based decision making

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