EEO/ADA Compliance


Morris & McDaniel has given expert testimony in federal courts on the interpretation of the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the U.S. Civil Service Commission (now the Office of Personnel Management), and the Departments of Justice and Labor. In addition to our activities in interpreting the Uniform Guidelines, Morris & McDaniel officers have broadened these efforts by developing and presenting numerous conference seminars and courses for personnel managers, psychologists and lawyers in the public and private sectors in this country and in Great Britain. Therefore, we know the difference between the demands of the Uniform Guidelines and the demands of the Courts and the profession.


Morris & McDaniel is a firm of industrial/organizational psychologists, one of whom is also a licensed attorney experienced in employment discrimination law, who has had broad experience in Title VII litigation. This includes preparation of case materials, delivering depositions and expert testimony, conducting validation studies and statistical analyses of employment practices, and also developing and implementing new personnel systems to comply with consent decrees. Our projects have included performing adverse impact analyses and evaluating employer compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. We have assisted clients on the “how to” of developing a legally defensible selection system including the consideration of minimum qualifications.


Performance appraisals frequently become an issue in employment litigation. Often litigation may be avoided by considering legal issues in designing or redesigning your testing, assessment, and selection systems. There are ways to make a performance appraisal system more legally defensible. Morris & McDaniel uses this philosophy when designing testing instruments.

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